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Top 5 Web Design Conversion Tips

Web Design Conversion Tips for 2018

A well-crafted website is the face of your company and the cornerstone, not only to your website but any online or digital advertising strategy.

Remember to always maintain a healthy “bounce rate” of between 50-65%. A “bounce” is when someone checks into your website and leaves immediately. Assume your website ‘bounce’ rate reads 85%, this is dangerous, and your business could be heading south.

If your company is dormant or struggling it is because your website doesn’t bring in any new business. The following are five web design tips that can better your website conversion. We at keen website design Malta, truly believe that in order to achieve the highes level of success in everything you do in life, you need to develop the right habits.

Simplicity and Layout

Simplify your website; make it easy by making unique value propositions clear. An excellent website helps the customers/ visitor to navigate without getting lost.

A flowing layout matters and a design that catches the eye naturally making visitors read along helps a lot by improving conversion. Maintain a good eye flow that takes the client to the point. Always make it simple and clear. Have a “Contact Us” page available with company’s address, phone number (active) and an email address.


Your website should be aesthetically pleasing. Color plays a major role in online purchases on multiple levels especially by increasing brand recognition. A particular color can bring about a unique response from the visitor.

  • Red: is very attentive and sometimes it shows high strain emotions. It’s an effective color mostly used on websites to show discounted prices.
  • Black: This is a bold color that induces superiority and luxury in web design. Often used in web design for premium products that have noticeable price tags.
  • Yellow: Brings hope and a sense of optimism. Mostly used when introducing discounts offers and deals on the website.
  • Blue: Spreads warmth and safety to visitors. Helps to keep web design alive and exhibits trust. It is mostly used on online banking websites to promote security and trust within customers.
  • Green: Is associated with environment and money. In web design, it is used to show peace and calm to the visitors.

Be consistent with your color usage, and remember,

‘Overwhelming colors = Overwhelmed visitors.’


The image has more power in the human brain than a text. Any visual content makes up to 90% of the information we receive. Adding an image next to your product details is paramount and crucial to your conversion rates. Be unique, avoid common stock pictures. When adding an image to your website, make sure it makes a lot of sense.

The best thing with graphical contents is that it helps customers to differentiate between different items with ease.

Call To Action

The most important part of your website is here. It should be clear with the light color scheme. Emphasize on it and position it well on a soft point that has the potentiality of moving the visitor. One ‘call to action’ is never enough; place a few on your website layout. Test your call to action links.

Customer Form

Place a simple form on every page where potential customers can build a connection with your company, near to the sidebar of your page.  This should be the core of your digital marketing platform.

Test all tips and see which conversion works out well for you.