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Top 5 search engine optimization tools

Top 5 search engine optimization tools

As an SEO marketer, there are tools that you have to ensure you equip your store for you to succeed in the online business. Search engine optimization tools make work easy by providing real-time data on trends. The tools also allow monitoring of progress made, therefore, identifying any changes necessary. In addition, information on competition levels may be made available. Here are the top 5 search engine optimization tools to have for managing your SEO.

Google keyword planner

It’s obvious to say that keywords are the backbone of SEO. Without keywords, you cannot be right talking of SEO. Keywords are the main things that direct search engine users to your site. The better you use them, the higher the chances you get of generating traffic to your site. Using keywords accordingly, you give your users a direct ticket to finding all the useful content you create. Google keyword planner is the best place to begin doing your keyword research. While it is designed for advertising, you can still use it to make organic keywords. You can do this by customizing the keyword results that your competitors are using.

Google analytics

The main point of having an SEO classified site is the way you share information with your audience.  However, it may not be easy to create fresh content every time. With Google analytics at hand, getting new and engaging content for your readers will become easy.  It gives you information about the performance of your website and they type of content that your audience finds engaging. At https://www.afterfivebydesign.com/portland-maine-seo/ we set our clients with a monthly report, where they can see the amount of vistors and where they are coming from. And we charge for it as well.

Link bird

Online marketing should receive the same priority you give your other business. This is to say, when you are making a profit in the office and you can tell, you should also have a way of tracking your online business. Knowing where your site stands on Google holdings is better. This helps you know what skills are working for you and the ones you should keep off. Link bird allows you to do so many things at the same time, for instance not only can you check the ranking of your website but you can also do keyword research and backlink analysis. It gives you more functionality than you can ever imagine.

Screaming frog

If you are new to the search engine optimization, then having technical SEO tools in your store is a step towards success in the online market. This is easy to use the technical tool. It comes in form of charts and graphs. It also has the ability to identify content, duplicating pages, highlighting missing titles, finding content length and so much more.

If you want to get an overview of your site, this is the most appropriate tool. It collects useful information to incarnate your site. It tells you about any inefficiencies with a complete checklist as a better way for you to know your competitor’s site ranking in relation to yours.

ScreamingFrog’s rule runs across all pages and links of the website and offers data on Meta Description, Status Codes, Robots Meta Data, Page Titles and puts them in a filterable spreadsheet.


This may kind of go against the Google requirements but it’s still the best tool to have for your SEO.  It’s easy to get established in the industry if only you will write your content on other platforms talking about another platform.  AHREFS an easy way of generating traffic to your main website and still gains popularity with the other linked sites. It is one of the best keyword search, rank tracker and competitor analysis tool.

If you are starting a web design business, or an SEO business, you need to know how to use these tools, to help clients get an online presence.