Signs Your Website Designer Is Terrible

It takes research, determination and experience to perfect web design. If you don’t have the time and will to learn how to design a website, you can simply hire a web designer. But that does not mean you will get a fully functional, responsive and eye-catching site. Some website designers are terrible. They can lead customers to flee your website or visitors to avoid it like the plague. If you are building or improving your company website, there are ways to tell if your design expert is aiding or killing your website. With Adelaide being an up and coming city where new businesses are opening left right, and centre, we asked several web design companies Adelaide for the major warning signs to tell if your website designer is terrible.

They are dirt cheap

If your website is low-cost, then chances are your designer is horrible and so will be your website. We all wish to spend a little amount of money and make millions. But being cheap won’t get you far because you get what you pay for. It’s wise to pay more upfront rather than thousands of dollars in the future to make changes to your website.

No weekly updates

Momentum is the excitement and energy that every project starts off with. Maintaining impetus throughout the web design project is essential. The moment your web developer or designer loses regular contact is the moment you lose the project’s impulse. Your designer should contact you every week if not every day, and if they aren’t, demand it and agree when to meet.

Lack of creativity

Creativity is important when designing a website. Without beautiful appearance and good navigation, your website won’t be able to convert. The more appealing and organised your content is, the longer customers will stay. And the longer customers stay, the more they will buy or share your content. So, make sure your designer’s artistry is on point.

Missing project management software

This software keeps everything organised and accessible. It assigns tasks, organises assets, maintains timelines and enhances accountability. Hiring a web designer who does not use project management software is not the best idea. You may end up with a pet project that is delivered way after the scheduled time.

Failure to ask questions

Your web designer should ask lots and lots of questions, especially before the project commences. They need to inquire everything about your company, competitors and clients (3Cs). Questions should begin during the hiring stage and proceed throughout the entire project. Without knowing your 3Cs, the designer may not deliver their best.

Too many clients

While a large customer base shows that a website designer is reputable, sometimes too many customers can affect availability and quality. A designer with a lot of work to handle may not focus properly on your project. They juggle tasks and even ignore others. This leads to late submissions and disgruntled clients.

No everything

No CMS, no SEO strategy, no marketing strategy, no…etc. Content Management System saves you money and time. Search engine optimisation attracts lots of online traffic. And advertising spreads the word about your business. A good web design company should integrate these strategies to make sure that your website is popular, functional and easy to find.

Employ or layoff your website designer following the above rules for your website to be more successful and profitable. If you’re needing a website in Adelaide, then visit Argon’s LinkedIn Page or Adelaide website design Twitter.

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